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( Since his release from prison, it has almost seemed as though Flesh Bone would be a victim of the revolving door syndrome with the recent array of allegations.

It’s such a surprise that the rapper was able to finally re-join his Bone brothers in recording Uni 5: The World’s Enemy.

Appearing in court May 27, the rapper had to appear to battle charges from 1999 regarding weapon possession.

Pleading guilty to the case presented against him, Flesh was granted some leverage as the charges were reduced to a fourth degree misdemeanor of disorderly conduct.

He was forced to pay a fine of $250.

“In my life, I have faced real tough times and I have been blessed in many ways; I am glad to put this behind me to focus on my music and my family. I am grateful to the family, friends, and fans of our music that have stood by me,” stated Flesh to his supporters.

Let’s hope that this brush with the past will be the last for the rapper and he will actually be able to enjoy living life as a free man and make up for all of the time that he lost while behind bars.