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Now I’m ot the smartest person in the world but im smart enough to know that if I’m in prison, im not going to get at another prisoner for not helping me out with my rap album. Check this out yall..

Sacramento rapper X-Raided was stabbed during a prison riot at Pleasant Valley State Prison, sources told AllHipHop.com.

A group of inmates affiliated with the gang The Northern Riders were responsible for the attack on the rapper, because he refused to produce their album.

The result was a full-blown riot when three African-American inmates attempted to assist X-Raided, who fought his three assailants.

“These guys are essentially a Protective Custody gang. They’re a group of guys who were kicked off of the mainline by the Norte who came together on a sensitive needs yard and made up a new PC gang,” a source close to X-Raided told AllHipHop.com. “It’s ridiculous. They ran away from the mainline only to get to an SNY facility and form a new so-called gang.”

Information on the inmates were scant, although the inmates responsible for the attack were identified as convicts: R. Werth, Gonzales, and Lawson.

X-Raided, born Aneraé Brown Coalinga, was attacked by Werth who used a state toothbrush with eight razor blades taped and tied to it.

Gonzales used a knife made from a piece of metal removed from the prison’s baseball facilities equipment.


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