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Now… I have never really SEEN IT for Joe Budden.

You know… with his history of “alleged” domestic abuse.

How he treated his old Podcast Host Rory and Mal.

And just kinda in general.  He doesn’t seem like my kind of guy.

But with the release of this audio from a now deleted podcast. My dislike has grown, that much more!

So in a Clip posted by The Shaderoom. The Rapper can be heard saying that he has faked putting on a condom before having sex with women.

Yes you heard me correctly.

The Pump It Up rapper pretty much confessed that he has sex with women after he tricks them into thinking there is protection involved.

Now all of these are allegations. But the fact that he confessed to it, out of his own mouth. And then removed the Podcast lets me know 2 things.

A. He didn’t think anything was wrong with it in the first place.

B. And if he didn’t realize anything was wrong with it after the fact. He would have never deleted it.

Can we just cancel him already? It’s bad enough he beats women, allegedly.

But now you’re confessing to tricking them into having unprotected sex.

That’s actually disgusting.

If you want to check out the audio. Use the clip below.