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Welp, Family!

It looks like our beloved Tiffany Haddish and Comedian Aries Spears are on there way to officially be CANCELLED.

Recent video of the pair has surfaced in an old Comedy Skit. Which includes the alleged sexual abuse of a Child.

Now the 60 sec clip I saw shows a Mom (Tiffany) dropping her son off to her Uncle (Aries). And throughout the Clip the child is in different scenes playing in front of the uncle, naked. With only an emoji/graphic covering his body.

In my personal opinion. Do I believe the pair intended to make light of the sexual abuse of children or to in fact, ABUSE a child.

No way…

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was super creepy. Very cringey. And not even funny.

The parents of the Child in the video have since taken legal action against the comedians. So we’ll see how this story unfolds.

And I would provide a link to the video for you to see. But NOPE! I don’t want to promote that kind of stuff!