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Today we pause to recognize Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the oldest girls-only U.S. tradition, Girl Scouts of America.

As a child Low was affectionately called ‘Daisy’ which later became the name given to the youngest group of Girl Scouts, in the scout hierarchy. Low’s young life was filled with rigorous activity, exposure to the arts, service to her community and country at large through several war efforts, and a love for the outdoors. All of these shaping factors later became key aspects to the Girl Scouts of America experience.

Into adulthood Low constantly sought to find purpose in her life, finally finding it at the age of 51 when she joined Boy Scouts of America founder, Sir Robert Baden-Powell in establishing a separate girls-only movement.  The new group was founded March 12, 1912 and was named the American Girl Guides, the organization took on its current official name the following year.

Low worked tirelessly to introduce girls of all backgrounds to nature, and self reliance, instilling in them their own self worth in society. She encouraged girls to prepare themselves for careers outside of the home hoping that they might pursue subjects like the arts, science and business.

My purpose…

…to go on with my heart and soul, devoting all my energies to Girl Scouts, and heart and hand with them, we will make our lives and the lives of the future girls happy, healthy and holy.

—Juliette Gordon Low

Girl Scouts of America now boasts about 3.7 million members making it the largest educational organization for girls in the world.  Girl Scouts of America Celebrates 100 years of service to the community and nation on March 12, 2012. The scouts are best-known for their world famous Girl Scout cookies.  So to Ms. Juliette Gordon Low, we say Thank you!

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