Agnez Mo is taking the world by storm. A superstar in her native Indonesia — she is currently the singer with the highest number of awards in her country.

Her recent US success and her massive social media following show that she is well on her way to becoming a bonafide international star.

Agnez Mo recently came through the iPower studios — rocking the dopest shirt, by the way — to sit down with our very own Cam Cooper.

Her latest collaboration with Chris Brown, her single “Overdose” is currently climbing the charts. In the song, Agnez Mo not only lends her vocals to the track, but she also directed the video. When asked about her prowess behind the camera she notes that “At a certain point… I’m going to stop telling people what I want and just do it myself.”

Agnez Mo

Source: Image Courtesy of Courtney Jones

Coming up in the industry, the Asian beauty says she experienced the best of both worlds. In a time that was pre-YouTube and social media, she really had to hustle. So, she is familiar with the industry grind in a way that younger artists may not be.

Throughout her rise, her focus remains absolute. Agnez Mo defines success as the “intersection of opportunity and readiness.” So, she stays ready, prepared for any opportunity. She also credits her mother for teaching her the value of “no.”

This would also later inform her idea of success. “Your success does not depend on what you say yes to, but what you say no to,” she explains. That even before the accolades began to pour in she was always uncompromising when it came to saying no and doing what was best for her.

Check out Cam’s full interview with Agnez Mo above!


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