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Kanye West At the 2014 Cannes Lions

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We can all agree that Kanye West likes to say things sometimes just to get a rise out of people. But his latest Twitter confessional may have been too far right for even Yeezus fans to understand.


As if his meeting with Donald Trump wasn’t off-putting enough, Ye’ recently tweeted that he likes the way Black Lives Matter critic Candace Owens thinks.

Of course, Owens wasted no time rubbing it in folks face that Kanye actually shouted her out:

Let’s not forget, this is the same woman who thinks Trump is America’s savior:

Just FYI, here’s the video of Owens (telling Black Lives Matter protesters that they are “whiny toddlers pretending to be oppressed”) that got Kanye on her bandwagon.

Needless to say, Yeezy fans are not pleased:


Kanye has said some pretty off the wall things over the past few years, but is this where we disinvite him from the cookout?

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