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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is back for its seventh season and we kick things off with Rasheeda, Jessica Dime, Karlie Redd, Mimi and Sierra kicking it at a Spice concert. Spice, the dancehall diva, has decided to move to Atlanta, so we’ll be seeing more of her. Mimi is full-on lesbian again. In other words, she has a new girlfriend who plays for the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. Rasheeda is devastated about Kirk cheating and potentially fathering a baby outside of their marriage, but she claims she has hope for their future, pending the DNA test results, despite the fact that they are legally separated at the moment.

Let’s cut to the chase, Kirk is the baby’s father but he’s afraid to tell Rasheeda because he wants to reconcile, and having a baby outside of his marriage is an obvious complication.

Perhaps he should have thought about that with his actual brain.


Anyway, Kirks boys urge him to tell her as soon as possible.

Tommie is back with a bunch of family drama as usual. She and her mom are actually on good terms, but now she has to worry about the relationship with her sister.

Joseline is gone, but Stevie has Estelita, “The Panamanian Goddess.”


Estelita says she hasn’t been happy with Stevie’s work, or lack thereof, as her manager so she has been booking her own stuff. Stevie thinks she needs more work to do before she goes off performing and booking gigs (Spice actually confirms this as well, later on), which is why he hasn’t been booking things for her. They obviously need to get on the same page.

In related news, Erica Mena has moved to Atlanta. She’s on a mission to get her music going and she’s hoping that Jazze Pha can help her make that happen but other people are interested in her too. Enter Stevie J. Stevie and Erica meet up to talk “business,” and of course, it comes out that Erica Mena and Estalita have some previous tension between them from time spent in working on Erica Mena’s clothing line.

Wait, Erica Mena had a clothing line?


Anyway, it also comes out that Stevie has slept with Estelita. Shocker.

Here’s a gif of Captain Obvious, we should all thank him:


Stevie then asks Erica Mena to come to an Estelita studio session to give her some pointers. Um…since when is Erica the consummate artist though?


Erica agrees to play A&R. Hold that thought.

Kirk pays Rasheeda a visit thinking that there’s still a chance he can move back into their home. But after he drops the bombshell that we all knew was coming, Rasheeda is not open to him moving back in. Duh!

Kirk is some kind of narcissist.


Anyway, Rasheeda then burdens him with the responsibility of telling their kids that they have another sibling.

Now we’re at Estelita’s studio session. Erica Mena shows up, but Estelita didn’t know she was coming so she’s thrown off. Erica didn’t know she was a pawn in an ambush because she explicitly asked Stevie not to make this an ambush, so now Stevie needs to explain to Estelita why Erica is there. Stevie doesn’t do a good job at all so Erica explains that she’s there to listen to some music. Estelita says there is no music and goes on about how Stevie hasn’t been helping her and then talks about their situation where they used to be cool but had a falling out. This is all too much for Estelita so she storms out. To Erica’s credit, she remains cool, calm, and collected the entire time. Not a pop off was given, and there might be some hope for Erica and Estelita to be cool again…at least for the sake of a check.

It’s also important to note that Estelita denies that she and Stevie ever had sex.

It’s hard to believe that knowing how Stevie is, but it’s understandable that Estelita would deny it.


Finally, the episode wraps with Jasmine showing up to Rasheeda’s boutique. It’s Rasheeda’s mother, Shirleen, who is minding the shop that day and she knows exactly who Jasmine is so she’s just looking like…


Jasmine’s motive is to make sure that Kirk’s family accepts their son and that any negative feelings they may have, get directed at her instead.

You know Shirleen will have some choice words for Ms. Jasmine.

We’ll pick this back up next week.


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