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Virginia State Capitol

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In Virginia General Assembly news, a House bill that would expand the state’s DNA database to include those convicted of misdemeanors is moving forward. John and Sue Graham believe their daughter’s killer would have been imprisoned for other crimes before he met Hannah Graham and killed her in 2014 had the database been expanded. The ACLU calls the legislation a slippery slope that could lead to false convictions.

The Virginia General Assembly is now in session over the course of 60-days and legislators from around the Commonwealth of Virginia are in Richmond. Senators and Delegates will represent you so check in on them by taking an active role in the legislative process.  Some frequently asked questions “Who is my legislator?” “What bills are being introduced?” Could I attend and speak at a session?” For more information log on to the Virginia General Assembly website here.

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Regular Session

The General Assembly meets annually, beginning on the second Wednesday in January, for 60 days in even-numbered years and for 30 days in odd-numbered years, with an option to extend annual sessions for a maximum of 30 days. The Senate of Virginia and the Virginia House of Delegates, both bodies of the Virginia Legislature, meet in the historic, working Capitol building in Richmond, Virginia.

Special Session

The Governor may call a special session when it is deemed necessary or advisable, and must do so when petitioned by two-thirds of the members of both houses.

Reconvened Session

A reconvened session is held on the sixth Wednesday after adjournment of each regular or special session for the purpose of considering governor’s recommendations and vetoed legislation.

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