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Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian hit Facebook Live yesterday to answer all our questions about their upcoming reality series—and more.

There were plenty of interesting answers as Rob and Chyna laughed their way through the video session. We heard about how they met, how much it costs to feed pregnant Chyna every month (answer: a lot), and what they’d be doing if they weren’t famous. Trust us, some of their responses will definitely surprise you.

Case in point: Rob reveals that in one month alone, he spent $13,000 on food delivery for his pregnant fiancée. Also, between Kendall and Kylie Jenner, he’s more comfortable letting little sis Kylie babysit. They probably won’t carry on the “K” tradition in naming their first child together and what’s more? If they weren’t famous, they say they’d both be in the strip club.

“If I wasn’t famous. Oh God, Rob. I don’t know. I would probably be working in the strip club. I’m just kidding,” Chyna told her husband-to-be, then added, “I would probably be still in the strip club. I’m just keeping it real. I can’t do nothing else.”

Surprisingly, Rob’s answer was the same: “That’s alright. And I would probably be in the strip club also. I would definitely go and find Chyna and go to the strip club. Eat some food. They got the best food in the strip club.”

Hilarious. E!’s Rob & Chyna premieres at 9 p.m. EST on September 11 and their full Facebook Live video is just above for your viewing pleasure.


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