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Earlier this year, Shannon Brown was in the hot seat after allegations arose that he had cheated on his wife Monica Brown. The singer quickly came forward to slam the allegations on Instagram, and they seem to have gotten past the drama unscathed.

Well, that might soon change.

Love B. Scott reported today that Brown’s alleged side chick, a woman named Tammy, is calling the NBA baller out for his misdeeds and even says they had a baby together while he was creepin’ around on his wifeShe apparently is going public with the information because she wants Brown to acknowledge the two-year-old baby girl they conceived.

Once again, Monica has come forward blasting the report, claiming that the woman in question has essentially be stalking her and her husband for quite some time.

Sigh. We don’t want to believe any of this is true but it’s hard to deny that usually, when there’s this much smoke, there’s fire. Do you believe Shannon is telling the truth, or is Monica too blind to see his lies?

SOURCE: Instagram | PHOTO: Getty

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