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#BlackLivesMatter is bringing broken families back together. At least that’s the case for Tyrese, who recently cited the movement as the reason for a truce between him and ex-wife Norma.

From TMZ:

“Tyrese tells us last week’s horrendous events had a huge impact on both of them, and they had a long, heartfelt talk for the first time in memory … about all the hatred in this country. They realized by waging war with each other, they were part of the problem. Tyrese feels strongly [that] black families need to band together, and the place to start is home.”

At one time, Tyrese was “accusing Norma of planning to disappear with their nine-year-old daughter,” TMZ also reports. But it looks like things have ended up in a much better place. Tyrese shared a photo of the happy family on Monday with the caption, “The #Gibsons #ShaylaBirthdayMoments parenting is a gift and we get to enjoy it everyday.”

He also shared a heartwarming photo of his daughter Shayla snuggled into his chest.

We’re glad the family was able to put their differences aside.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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