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So look. I didn’t get accepted to college. So i’m not speaking from the stand point of a Parent that wants their kid to strive for the best. I get it. But let’s face the fact. For more than most. College is a “waiting game” for teens and young adults to find themselves. So a lot of cases, people wind up taking up a Major that offers little to no future in the field that they are studying for. But on the other side of that college offers an endless amount of possibilities of who you could become in life. From the programs, social organizations, and athletics. College has the most to offer to most people. And that’s why it costs so much. Remember, Facebook was started on a college campus. So i’m definitely not knocking college. But is it for everybody? HELL NO !!

I barely made it out of high school. I graduated with a 1.6 G.P.A. And I attempted to apply to a State University. But my application was denied. So the next step was Trade School. I asked myself “What do you like to do” I liked producing. I’d been producing audio since I was 14. But I didn’t think you could get in the industry without a degree.. Well I looked in a phone book and found a Broadcasting School. A 9 month, hands on, vocational school where I could learn from the professionals about the industry.

3 months into Broadcasting School I got the internship with Radio One. The people that I interned beside that were in college had a since of entitlement, like they had the job already. I knew that I didn’t so I out worked everyone around me. Because I had the attitude “It’s this or nothing” . So I hustled my ass off. And got hired as an entry level Board – Op on a news talk station. I don’t even remember the college interns’ names, or where they winded up. I know it ain’t the broadcasting industry. I say that to say. Sometimes college and a successful life around your degree depends on your whole experience in college. Social, Intellectual, etc.

Versus A trade and your success in what ever field you go into, depends on 4 things. Your work ethic, your character, timing, and business sense. Skies the limit. You wanna know why the bosses kid gets the job over the person with the masters? Trust. and experience. That kid has watched that business grow, And naturally knows a lot of the things that college grad needs to be taught. Experience and work ethic win every time. Oh yeah. There’s that one thing called politics. But i’d base that more on timing.

But I say all of that to say this. Choose your debt wisely. Don’t spend 4 years and 40 grand on something you could have learned in 9 months. But if you need the time to figure yourself out. I understand. But just know. YOU DON”T HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE TO BE SUCCESSFUL, RICH, HAPPY, ANY OF THAT. You just have to find what makes you happy and so that sh*t. And work your ass off. The End. Thanks for your time and thoughts