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Source: The Block / Radio One Charlotte


In preparation of the big weekend coming up we plan on giving you 7 days of “Chewy”. That’s right our very own Chewy’s birthday falls on one of Charlotte’s if not Charlotte’s biggest weekends CIAA! Today’s random fun fact of Chewy is of course his name. One of the most asked questions is

“Chewy where did you get your name from?”

The answer: “My name is from a godmother/baby sitter named Missy, who has an off the wall personality just like me. Being a single mother my mom often relied on family and family friends to take care of me while she worked or attended events. When she dropped me off I was the biggest cry baby because I was a momma’s boy. When I would cry I sounded like the Star Wars character Chewbacca and when I was happy I had a cheezy smile and Missy would say how my cheeks looked “Chewy” in which I was then deemed Chewy from those two traits.”


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