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Source: Irvin Jennings, Jr. / Irvin Jennings, Jr.

Check out this video featuring science teacher Patrick Daugherty’s creation over Fetty Wap’s ‘679’ educating students about Cell Biology. Lyrics included below!

Yeaaahh Celly


Baby cell you so dang -karyote

I’m tryna know if yous a pro- or a eu- though

I’m slipping on you like some fine cyto-

And when it’s over I grab the lyso-

Ay, you talking structure I got it

Microfilaments hold up this pocket

Energy come from the mitochondrion

He playing virus, celly’s gonna glob him

Ay, I got a Golgi in my body, 17 sacs no 38

Ay, I got a Golgi in my body, 17

I’m like yeah cells are blind

But they make up your eyes and mind

You better hope they always divide

Lets sing this song one more time

DNA in the nuc-le-olus

Nerdy boys they know us

Chloroplast green, look at the forest.

Eukayra gang is us, ay yeah Celly.

Tell me what you see

Tiny cell so prokary-

Live everywhere, even in the sea

I got a cell wall and pilli

They like E. Coli will you be my bacteria, and I’m like yeah

We be making you puke, and catchin a fever, and poopin in your underwear

All you see is pathogens boys, you know my microbes everywhere

And if sombody gets real hungry, we can eat up anywhere

Now go move something

Don’t you flagella play dumb

You know where cells came from

Cell biologys number 1

(back to hook)

Dance break

(back to hook)


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