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The Daily Mail reports:

‘Here she thought she was returning to pick up where NeNe left off as one of the original cast members, but now he role is as limited as Demetria McKinney’s was last season,’ a source tells Daily Mail Online.

She will be  featured as a part-time friend on the eighth season of the show.

Whitfield thought she was returning as a full-time cast member.

‘Sheree didn’t get a contract for the show until after she started production on Season 8.

‘She was several weeks into taping when the network presented her a contract for a limited number of episodes, much to her surprise,’ a source told Daily Mail Online.

According to the source, Whitfield met with the reality show producer Carlos earlier this year and pitched hima show about African-American real estate agents in Atlanta.

After Sheree left the show three years ago she went on to get her real estate license and had been selling properties.

She wanted to be in the new show along with several other successful women in real estate.

‘Without telling Sheree, Carlos started pitching the show to networks and WE TV became interested,’ claims the source.

Since he allegedly went behind her back he tied to make up for it by  offering her a co-executive producer credit, and would arrange for her return to Real Housewives full-time.

He was just trying to do whatever he could to keep her from suing him,’ the source revealed.

WE TV officially announced the pickup of the show, Selling It: In the ATL.

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