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50 Cent filed for bankruptcy and a reignited 10-year feud. However, he still has time to drop new music. There’s no sign of the G-Unit album, but Street King Immortal, his sixth studio album, should drop later this year. “9 Shots,” which 50 Cent debuted during a New York private party earlier this week, is the first single from the upcoming album.

“9 Shots” probably isn’t making that much noise in a week where Straight Outta Compton hits theaters and the world is still listening to a new Dr. Dre album in 2015. It’s a two-minute track where 50 Cent lethargically waxes about catching a bullet (the title is reference to the infamous 2000 shooting that left him with a lisp) being a metaphor for romance. It’s some hood ’50s romantic noir that doesn’t gain much momentum.

50 Cent is still looking for a W this summer after making headlines for declaring bankruptcy to defend against paying a lawsuit stemming from leaking a sex tape involving Lastonia Leviston, Rick Ross’s baby mother. That move didn’t work. On July 24, 50 Cent was ordered to pay $7 million to the plaintiff.


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