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Kid ‘n Play have been a dynamic hip hop duo since 1987. That’s 28 years of friendship! In that time, these two have been able to work together, play together and stay together. But how? Kid n’Play not only have lasting power in friendship, but in entertainment as well.

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The group attained mass commercial success through their music and movies, they even had an animated series that aired on NBC from 1990 to 1991. If this wasn’t success, especially for a Black hip hop group in the 90s, we don’t know what is. Kid n’ Play had a way of incorporating fun into everything they did and this often challenged the landscape of hip hop, which was mostly about being a thug (hello NWA, Tupac, etc.)

Kid ‘N Play have remained relevant in hip-hop culture as a result of how they “resonate.” Play explained, “We were just being ourselves. I just think that we were two guys along with a bunch of others from New York that wanted to have a good time; we loved women, we wanted to laugh, we wanted to party, and that’s what resonated.”

Obviously it takes maturity, honesty and love to stay in a friendship for over two decades. But how does Kid n’ Play do it, especially within the fickle music industry where dollar bills often trump everything else?

We caught up with hip hop’s favorite fun rapping duo and they walked down the memory of their friendship and revealed their favorite memories of working together for almost 30 years. Spoiler alert: Play always pronounces things horribly, so Kid would teach him how to speak. That’s love!


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