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The theme of last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode seems to fall somewhere between getting caught up and just flat out getting caught. In customary Love & Hip Hop fashion, there were plenty of not-so-random run-ins, slightly awkward meet ups and a really bad liar named Kirk.

Let’s get started.

Stevie J and Nikko pick up where they left off last week and continue trading obscenities in a non-desolate parking lot before Stevie finally bows out of the conversation and leaves. It was hard to tell whether or not Stevie’s threatening demeanor actually made Nikko nervous or if he was just making that naturally strange face he makes. You know, this one:

Mimi Faust Hosts Aurum Lounge

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Young Joc, Scrappy and Kirk got together for a game of golf on a bootleg course that looks to be specifically made for those golfers no one else wants to play with, because they don’t really know how to play.

Joc reveals he has eight children by four different women, while also boasting that his new girl KD is the one for him because she can handle all of his drama with Karlie Redd. Sounds like a preview for the next Maury show, no?

Maury Povich

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Kirk also shares with the guys that he is now $250,000 in the hole after spending a large amount of money on his “new office” behind Rasheeda’s back.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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Mimi and Nikko meet up in a “secret” park because she says she didn’t want people to think they were back together. Too bad no one told her that he also met up with his estranged wife in the same park about a week agooooooooo!

Nikko insists that he made it possible for Mimi’s book to get published and continues to demand 25% of the earnings in light of his contribution. But Mimi says she owes him nothing considering that the book is about her life story and would have ceased to exist had it not been for……you know…..her life. When Nikko realizes that Mimi is standing firm on not giving him 25% of anything, he threatens to expose “truths” about her that he says she might not want the public to know.

We can’t imagine anyone would be too shocked by whatever he has to reveal about her at this point. Not many things have greater shock value than seeing someone butt naked and swinging from shower rods, but hey, who knows.


'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 3 Premiere Private Viewing Party

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Mimi herself seems concerned with whatever unknown information Nikko has in the stash, as she returns to the conversation to cuss him out one last time for admitting to secretly recording their phone conversations.

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 3 Premiere Private Viewing Party

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This guy is such a winner.

Stevie J And Benzino Bar Grand Opening Private Celebration

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Stevie J takes us inside his world and his bathroom stall as he reveals that one of the mothers of his children is still trying eat off of his old salary, from when he was “making millions of dollars” as an award-winning producer. From what we gathered, Stevie has to pass a weekly drug test as part of his court dealings with his baby’s mother and the government if he wants to stay out of jail.

Screening of Universal Pictures' LUCY Hosted By Kandi Burruss

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Kirk finally “introduces” a skeptical Rasheeda to his new artist, Ashley at an event. Among other things, Rasheeda says Ashley’s lack of notoriety makes her question the validity of Kirks claims that she’s not his latest THOT-in-training. Kirk leaves the two women to get better acquainted and Ashley immediately rubs Rasheeda the wrong way. Ashley boasts that Kirk paid for the dress she’s wearing before later offering Rasheeda several backhanded compliments about her age.

Rasheeda gets one jab in at Ashley, telling her to make sure Kirk doesn’t half step the next time he pays for her clothes. But she maintains her composure (for the most part) after insisting that she has too much class to cause a scene with her husband at a public event.

Kirk returns just as Ashley is telling Rasheeda about her five-album record deal and recent meetings at Kirk’s “office” in Buckhead— all of which is news to Rasheeda.


Stevie J And Benzino Bar Grand Opening Private Celebration

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Joseline and her D cups make their triumphant return home to Stevie, as the couple lays on the couch having deep conversations in dominatrix outfits.  Joseline blames Stevie for bringing the wrong people around her who bring out the worst in her. She also insists that she doesn’t understand why she gets called a junkie when her accusers have never seen her do drugs in front of them…

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Arrivals

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Ummmmmm….Ok.  Joseline also drops somewhat of a bombshell by admitting that Stevie does indeed have a drug problem and says everybody is aware.

'Think Like A Man Too' Atlanta Premiere - After Party

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Rasheeda invites Karlie over for some girl talk and Karlie voices her frustration over a hold up in a new business venture with Erica Dixon. She claims Erica is failing to hold up her end of the deal thus far.  Rasheeda doesn’t inquire too much about specifics but advises Karlie to at least have a conversation with Erica before going behind her back and bringing someone else into the deal as a replacement. We predict that she’ll do the exact opposite.

Rasheeda then enlists Karlie, also known to no one as “snoop doggy-dog,” to investigate the specifics of Kirk’s new secret office space. Karlie reassures Rasheeda that she is more than happy to dig up dirt on Kirk and keeps good on her promise by helping Rasheeda dig through papers to find the lease. After reading over the paperwork, they then discover that the “office space” is really a $3500 per month, 2-bedroom apartment. They also find out that Kirk forged Rasheeda’s signature on the lease.

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 3 Premiere Private Viewing Party

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Ahh, the perks of a faux friendship with Karlie Redd are just endless.

Rasheeda later drops in on Kirk at his “new office,” and questions his loyalty as a business partner before threatening to consult with her lawyer about ending their business partnership.

106 & Park Live

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Young Joc meets up with his girl of the month, KD. She boasts about not being a groupie and says she makes her own money, which she’s not opposed to using to keep spoil her man. KD makes a failed attempt to coerce Joc into telling her that they’re exclusively dating, but he later gives her an unconvincing confirmation…..after she buys him some new clothes. Sounds like some of Karlie’s THOT-ism from last season has rubbed off on Joc.

Joc later reveals that he had another woman pregnant with twins when he started dating KD and later meets up with baby mama number four at her house to visit their twins…..and probably make a few more with her in the process. Joc reveals that they started out as friends. She says he cheated on her with Karlie Redd and KD after getting her pregnant.

Joc later asks if there is a hotline to help him with his addiction to all of the women in his life. Sure, Joc. The number is 1-800-Have A Seat.

Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez

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Stevie tells Joseline and Mimi that he is heading to rehab for 30 days after receiving a call from his lawyer who informed him that he failed his last drug test. Joseline cries when she realizes that 30 days is one whole month.

Stevie and Mimi’s adorable 5-year-old daughter Eva also breaks down in tears when he tells her that he has to “go away” for a month.

See you next week!

In case you missed it the first time, some LAHH episode extras:

-Mama Dee hits the strip club with her ex-husband, Ernest. They were married for 13 years, and although he’s not Scrappy’s father, he’s been in his life since Scrappy was a young child.

-Mama Dee reveals that she was responsible for Ernest’s last seven years of prison, when she called the police on him after he stole from Scrappy. He had drugs on him when they arrived.

-Stevie convinces Joseline and Mimi to consider meeting up to have a conversation about getting along better for the sake of Mimi and Stevie’s 5-year-old daughter Eva.


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