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Women will put up with a lot in the name of love, but there are some things that you should not tolerate for any reason.

So much girl talk centers around men, it’s amazing. Whether you’re in a good relationship or satisfactorily single, the topic of men always makes its way into the chat. You can almost put a timer on how long it takes to get around to the “men ain’t sh*t” portion of the conversation—and it’s never much of a wait.

It never fails that someone has a complaint about men that’s usually about something stupid. However, there are times when your girl is highly upset over some egregious bs that she’s letting her beau get away with, causing you to give her serious side-eye and question her judgment.


It’s hard to have a good relationship with someone that doesn’t think much of you as a person. This one’s pretty simple.


Much like the last dealbreaker, this one is cut-and-dry. Abuse can come in many forms, but someone that claims to love you should not put their hands on you or diminish you emotionally.

Being The “Main Chick”

There are women who believe that having a piece of a man is better than having no man at all…and they are dead wrong. It shouldn’t make you feel good to be someone’s #1 woman because this implies that he has more than one, which means he’s not putting his all into the relationship with you. Unless you have explicitly agreed to an open relationship (in which case, do you), then you need to require monogamy. Besides, how many men do you know would knowingly and willingly share a woman?

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Being The “Side Chick”

The side chick may be highly praised in pop culture, but make no mistake, it is not as glamorous as it looks. There are a lot of last-minute dates and a general disregard for your feelings. You can also expect to Anyone that wants to be with you, will respect you enough to give you a title and let the people in his life know that he’s with you.

Not Being A Priority

People make time for the things that matter to them. Bottom line. End of story. If you’re boo keeps giving you excuses about why they can’t give you some of their time—whether it’s a chat on the phone or setting a date—it might be time to ask what’s up and if their heart is really in the relationship. To be fair, we all go through moments when work or other responsibilities dominate our lives, but people that care will still find a way to spare some moments for you to let you know that you are special to them.


Relationships need trust or they will crumble. There’s nothing worse than being in love with someone that isn’t always honest with you because you begin to question your own good common sense.


It’s one thing to enjoy spending lots of time with your special someone, but they shouldn’t be demanding every free moment you have. It’s not healthy, and it jeopardizes the other important relationships in your life (like the ones you have with friends and families). Your significant other should want you to have a full life because they realize that your world does not revolve around them.


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