Terrence And Taraji Explain Why They’ve Never Been Lovers: She Didn’t Want To Sleep With Me

Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson have some crazy good chemistry. They had it in Hustle & Flow, they had it when they hosted the Soul Train Awards, and they have it now on their hit Fox show, “Empire.” It’s that chemistry and connection that they have, which was behind Henson vouching for Howard to star alongside her on “Empire” as Lucious Lyon. Howard and Henson cover the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, and inside, she explains how the “deep love” Cookie and Lucious have is similar to the love she and Howard have for one another.

“I just knew it had to be him. When I read the script, I was like, ‘This is that deep love that you can’t explain, that you just see, and Terrence and I have that for each other.”

So with that in mind, why haven’t the pair tried to connect romantically? Or at least, why didn’t they date in between Howard’s 15 marriages? (kidding!) Howard says it’s because Henson didn’t look at him in that way, and he realized this while they were working on 2005’s Hustle & Flow.

“We’re like father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister. We’ve never been lovers. When I was doing Hustle & Flow, I was like, ‘I know I’m playing this character right if all my female co-leads want to sleep with me.’ Taraji was the only one that didn’t want to.”

Well, as Tyrese said, Henson isn’t one of those actresses out here trying to sleep her way to the top. She’s pure talent, and the biggest reason why “Empire’s” ratings continue to grow from week-to-week. So if you were hoping for Taraji + Terrence, you’ll just have to settle for Cookie + Lucious. We’re just fine with that, because it’s so entertaining to watch!

“America’s Next Top Model” Contestant Killed in Triple Homicide

Sad news for fans of young model Mirjana Puhar, as the up-and-coming beauty was recently killed during a triple homicide at her boyfriend’s home in Charlotte, NC.

According to TMZ, Puhar was one of three victims found dead at her boyfriend’s house. Sources claim a friend that was close to the couple went to the house after receiving a call that gunshots were fired in the home. The friend reportedly went in to find two bodies, Puhar and her boyfriend, and proceeded to call the police. They didn’t realize there was a third victim until police showed up and searched the entire house. The friend did, however, see money scattered on the floor.

Law enforcement believes the murders to be drug related, and believe that the victims knew their killer.

19-year-old Mirjana competed on the 21st cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” which aired last year. She was eliminated from the show in the 10th episode.

Police have arrested 19-year-old Emmanuel Jesus Rangel and charged him with 3 counts of 1st degree murder. Puhar’s boyfriend, Jonathan Alvarado, was 23 and the third victim, Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia was 21. According to TMZ, Alvarado and Garcia were best friends and roommates. Mirjana had just moved in with both of them.

Bobbi Kristina No Signs of Improvement, Still in a Coma

Bobbi Kristina is not getting better. She is still unresponsive, in a coma, and showing no signs of getting better.

Family sources tell TMZ … stories that Bobbi Kristina is being taken out of her coma are not accurate. We’re told the only change in treatment is that doctors tried weaning her off certain meds to see if she might react but nothing happened. She’s in the same condition she’s been in for weeks.

Our sources say there have been signs of organ deterioration but she’s still basically in the same, unresponsive condition she’s been in since a few days after the accident.

As for the tracheotomy, we’re told doctors performed the procedure not because she was getting better, but because it’s standard operating procedure when a patient might linger in a comatose state for a long period of time.

Our sources say it’s possible Bobbi Kristina could hang on for a long period of time in the same state, despite signs of organ failure. It’s ultimately up to Bobby Brown to decide how long she’ll live in that state.

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