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Diddy Bars Son From Appearing on “Empire” Over Music Publishing and Guess Which Legendary Diva Is Coming To “Empire”?

Sean “Diddy” Combs and his son Quincy seem like the perfect pair to appear on the new Fox hit, “Empire,” as the plot is based on a music mogul and his sons’ attempts to break into the biz and become stars like their father, something Diddy and his son know all too well.

Quincy has a new single called “Friends First” featuring French Montana, and a guest-starring role on “Empire” would be great publicity, but Diddy is pulling the plug because of the show’s music publishing practices that they refuse to modify, even for Puff.

According to Page Six, “Empire” has a music contract in place that stars are required to sign, similar to American Idol & Glee. The show is scored by Timbaland and features original music that’s sold on iTunes. Diddy allegedly called all the bigwigs at Fox television, but once it was understood that Quincy would have to give up intellectual property of his work, Puff pulled him out of the appearance.

Quincy is still being considered for a role in season two, but as of now, his pops Diddy isn’t having it.

Though Diddy has said that he doesn’t want his son Quincy to star on the show, it won’t stop Lee Daniels’ “Empire” from snagging some big names.

As you all know Debbie Allen is something like a beast in this entertainment industry. With a long and illustrious career, Allen continues to star in, produce and direct some of our all time favorite shows. And she’s showing absolutely no signs of stopping.

In addition to her work with Shonda Rhimes and ABC, her Twitter timeline has shown us that she is also working with Fox, directing their new hit show, “Empire.” And she’s not directing just any ole episode, Ms. Allen is directing the finale. And the season closer includes a very special guest. You may have heard of her.

Ms. Patti Labelle.

Allen confirmed the news yesterday on Twitter.

And since she was in the building Ms. Allen also took the opportunity to take a snapshot with the star of the show Taraji P. Henson, aka Cookie Lyon.

Diddy Wanted for Super Bowl Party Brawl With Loudmouthed Fan

Scottsdale Police want a sit down with Diddy because a disgruntled fan claims the mogul slugged him during a Super Bowl bash — but video of the incident shows the fan was asking for trouble.

The accuser, Steven Donaldson claims Diddy was slated to host a nightclub party Saturday evening, but didn’t show until 1:15 in the morning — and then, only hung out in VIP … rarely getting onstage.

Donaldson says he was pissed because he paid $100 to see Diddy — so he decided to get in his face and cuss him out. In video obtained by TMZ, you can hear Donaldson berating Diddy multiple times before they end up face to face. Donaldson claims that’s when Diddy punched him in the face.

The video cuts out as Diddy allegedly throws the blow. Adding insult to possible injury, Donaldson says security tackled him — NOT Diddy — and tossed him from the party.

Law enforcement sources say Diddy had split by the time cops arrived, but a very intoxicated Donaldson was there … and filed a battery report.

TMZ called Diddy’s camp for comment, but no word back yet.

Wiz Khalifa Tells Fan He Doesn’t Want to Get Back With Amber Rose

Amber Rose has been open about wanting to get back together with her estranged husband, but Wiz Khalifa made it clear that the feelings aren’t mutual.

The Pittsburgh rapper started out by tweeting out a vague message, “a woman who would do something to a kid to spite that kids father is a foul creature.” While some speculated that he was speaking about Amber, Wiz seemed to make things more clear when a fan told him to get back together with his wife, and he responded by saying, “no thanks.”

Suge Knight Rushed To Hospital After Panic Attack

Last night, Suge Knight was formally charged with murder, attempted premeditated murder, hit & run resulting in death, and hit & run resulting in injury all surrounding the death of Terry Carter, who was killed after Knight ran over him. Suge ran over adversary Cle “Bone” Sloan and accidentally struck and killed Carter as well.

This morning, Suge pleaded not guilty to all four felonies. Soon after, Suge was in the lockup area next to the courtroom when he began feeling intense chest pains, but it appeared to be more of an issue with his nerves than his heart. He was then picked up by paramedics and take to the hospital.

If convicted, Suge faces life in prison.

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