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Do you believe Porsha is dating a married Africanman or nah??

Via RadarOnline reports:

Jordan, who’s been involved in a bitter battle with NeNe Leakes received a surprising apology from the show’s biggest star after she called her a wh*re and a “half-breed.”

But as soon as the book was closed on that feud, a new feud erupted, when Williams intervened during the housewives’ trip to Puerto Rico.

As Jordan complained to Leakes about how she was treated, Williams, 33, asked, “Why can’t you just move on?”

Jordan said she didn’t appreciate how Williams laughed when Leakes verbally unloaded on Jordan during last week’s episode.

Jordan, 41, attacked Williams, saying of Porsha’s mysterious boyfriend — who reportedly gave her a Rolls Royce — “I know for a fact that the guy that got you the car is a married African.”

After a moment of stunned silence, Williams asked, “What are you talking about?”

Jordan told her, “We have a mutual friend, sweetheart.”

The former Price is Right hostess then told the cameras, “It’s funny because as much of a wh*re as I’m supposed to be, Porsha, we don’t want to even get into all the times you’ve been to Africa and sleeping with married men for bags, cars, and shoes.

“I love a bag, I love a car, I love a shoe but dammit, I’m not going to put miles on my vagina to get it.”

Jordan then told Leakes and the rest of the group she hadn’t been sleeping around in Hollywood, as NeNe had earlier claimed.

Leakes said, “I apologize. I’m sorry. You’re not a wh*re.”

Then Williams’ enemy Kenya Moore chimed in, saying, “The issue that she’s having is, do you know that Porsha’s Rolls Royce came from a married man?”

Williams warned Moore not to be slanderous with her comments or she might “catch a lawsuit.”

“You can’t pay for that car on your own,” Moore snapped back.

However, Williams claimed the car was in her name and all paid for because she had her own hair company; Jordan laughed at her.

Williams said that Jordan was putting down her accomplishments, which Jordan had accused Leakes of doing to her earlier.

Williams, who has often been dissed for her lack of knowledge, fumed to Jordan, “You’re such a contradictory.”

Jordan sneered to the cameras that Williams had tried to use a big word — and failed!