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Trust us, budding teen dream Briannagh D‘s catchy pop track, “Stand Tall,” is the pick-me-up you needed. At first glance, you might think you need to pass it down to a younger niece or nephew, but the truth is, the hook will stay in your head and put a pep in your step regardless of your age.

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“Stand Tall” is bright and sunny, complete with perfect harmonies and an irresistible beat. What adds to the brilliance of an already outstanding pop construction is that its 13 year old singer— yes, you read that right— also wrote the song. With the positively upbeat and beautifully harmonious line, “the world makes you forget, you can’t forget who you are,” Briannagh manages to deliver a positive message without the threat of corniness. It should put today’s mainstream artists to shame; more power exists in that line than in essentially every other song on the airwaves right now.

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Born to a Caribbean mother and Irish-American father, and raised in New York, Briannagh’s unique background no doubt contributes to the uniqueness of her sound. A dancer, singer, and songwriter, it seems that it will only be a matter of time before Briannagh enchants us all with her darling smile, infectious energy and powerful lyrics. The music video, which you can watch below, is a playful take on the classic story of Cinderella, which, in our opinion is a creative and simple way to approach the music video for a young woman’s song about loving yourself.

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Whether you need to occasionally reminder yourself of who you are, or need something positive and catchy to put your kids on to, Briannagh D’s “Stand Tall” will surely do the trick. “Stand Tall” is available for purchase on iTunes, and you can watch the music video below!

For more info on Briannagh D, you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter, or check out her website, here.

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