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Marlon Wayans has admitted in legal documents that he’s pretty liberal with his use of the N-word.

Did you ever, at any point in your life, foresee someone having to draft up a court filing over a joke they made on social media? Well, reports that Marlon had to do exactly that this week to defend a post he made on Instagram where he called one “Haunted House 2″ extra named Pierre Daniel the n-word and a Cleveland lookalike. That would be Cleveland as in the lead character of the “Family Guy” spin-off “The Cleveland Show.” We’re not sure which label the extra was more offended by.

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In his filing, Marlon insists that he didn’t mean to insult the extra by using the n-word because he grew up in the New York City projects, where it was casually tossed around as a term of affection. That carried over into his adult life, and he doesn’t discriminate in who he uses it on. That would include his “Haunted House 2″ co-star Jamie Pressly, who backed up his arguments, writing, “Mr. Wayans has addressed me as n**** in the past, and frequently uses it as a term of endearment with his friends and family.”

And as far Pierre being compared to Cleveland, Marlon shrugged it off by pointing out that he actually posed for the shot used in the shot on Instagram. Not to mention there is a scene in the movie where Pierre was referred to as Cleveland.

Shade, but no shade…Marlon’s not exactly wrong about Pierre.


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