Kim Kardashian & Kanye Go Out For A Stroll

While certain media outlets are breaking into a sweat trying to pinpoint where and when Kim K and Kanye will walk down the aisle, the loving couple are strolling through the park…literally.

Kim posted a picture on her Instagram account and she’s giving us her back as she and future hubby ‘Ye hold hands while walking.

In related news, Ray J has come up with a new way to disrespect Kimye’s relationship and it involves a $47,000 wedding present…if she doesn’t mind that it came from 4 months profits from their sex tape that allegedly grossed over $50 million, reports TMZ. If Kim doesn’t accept the obnoxious nod, Ray plans to donate the money to her favorite charity.

We’re going to need him to take a seat in the “let it go section.”

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