Nicki Minaj Dubbs Herself The “Queen Of Hip-Hop”

Lil Kim isn’t going to be happy about this one…

This weekend during 106 LA’s Powerhouse 2014 concert, Nicki Minaj dubbed herself the “Queen of Hip-Hop” and in case you’re no hip-hop head, Lil Kim has held the title of “Queen Bee” since she popped a squat on her “Hardcore” cover. Here’s the thing, we don’t think Nicki was taking shots at Kim and just declaring herself at the top of the game (which she is). She performed an entire 30-minute set in Guiseppe heels and brought out Soulja Boy to help her perform “Yasss B*tch.”

Before Nicki even hit the stage, she chatted about her forthcoming album “The Pink Print” and dished on her new single “Pills N Potions” and if sounds anything like the new stuff she’s been pumping out, we’re uber excited. When asked about the album on the red carpet of the Billboard Awards, she revealed, “It sounds like urgency,” says Minaj. “It sounds like betrayal. It sounds like running. It sounds like fainting. It sounds like love. It sounds like — *gasp!*”

She posted the single cover on Instagram:

“Pills N Potion” drops Wednesday.

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