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Hey TT,

I ve been with my current boyfriend for 2 years and in the very beginning I asked him about his financial situation and whether not he owed any debt such as student loans, child support and anything of that nature. His response to me was NO. But recently I found out that he is in so much debt. He’s 30k in a rear in his child support. He owes more than 25k in student loans. He has a judgment against him for 9k for rent that wasn’t paid.

Now this is something he did not come out and tell me I found all this out by snooping and searching online. So my question to you is now that I know all this information I feel like pulling out of the relationship because he lied to me. if he lied to me about all this else has he lied about? The only problem is I feel we are so deep in I don’t where to begin to pull out am I over reacting?