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Singer/rapper Nicki Minaj was super excited to appear on the cover of ESPN Magazine’s music issue alongside NBA great Kobe Bryant. She, however, got pissed when she saw the magazine had retouched to the cover to make her forehead appear larger.

The superstar posted the cover of the Music Issue on her Instagram account. Under the photo of the cover, the caption read, “When retouching goes wrong.” After posting the retouched cover, Minaj threw up some of her personal photos from the shot where her forehead was more to her liking. Along with her personal photos, Nicki said on Instagram, “I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn’t mysteriously grow in length.”


While the photo might not have come out the way she wanted it to, she was still very excited to be apart of the photoshoot with Kobe. “So honored to be a part of this with Kobe. Had a blast.”

In his interview with the magazine, Kobe Bryant reciprocated the love. “I’ve obviously admired her work from afar, as we all have. My whole family, we’re all big Nicki fans. I just think it’s fascinating the way she’s been able to create this entire world around what Nicki Minaj is and what she represents for not just women, but kids as a whole.”

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the forehead was retouched so much that Nicki Minaj had to call attention to it. then again,it’s not my forehead on a cover of a magazine. Take a look at some of the regular photos below.



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