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Karamba Diaby has broken barriers in Germany as the first Black lawmaker to be elected into the German Parliament. The Huffington Post is reporting that until now there were no black lawmakers in Parliament, despite more than 500,000 people of recent African origin believed to be living in Germany.

“My election into the German Parliament is of historical importance,” Diaby said. This Senegalese-born chemist moved to East Germany in 1986 for school. Now 51-years-old, Diaby has been a German citizen for 12 years. Diaby wasn’t the only lawmaker with an immigrant background who was up to win a seat in the Parliament at the recent election. Reports show 34 other lawmakers with immigrant backgrounds!

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Because of his educational background, Diaby is an advocate of education, stating, “Every child born in Germany should have the chance to be successful in school regardless of their social background or the income of their parents.”

Congrats to Karamba Diaby!

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