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According to TMZ rapper Pras the notorious co-founder of Hip Hop super group The Fugees claims he’s been cheated out of thousands of dollars by two guys who took his money and refused to give him the studio time that he paid for.

Pras was so upset that he filed a suit in small claims court in Los Angeles County. The suit claims Pras paid Jason Gluz and Chasen Spellman $5,600 to rent their North Hollywood recording studio. However he never got to record because they double-booked the studio.

Plus, he claims the guys refused to give his money back. Yikes!

Pras is suing them for $9,000 which includes the $5,600 rent he paid them plus the cash he shelled out for hotel and airfare to L.A. for the studio session.

Check out what Pras had to say right after the incidnt took place in the video below!


Man! He’s mad at them! It’s not yet known what the outcome is going to be for the case but we can say one thing, if they took his money and didn’t let him get his Fu gee la on, then they should rectify it. That’s only fair right?



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Pras Co-Founder Of Hip Hop Super Group “The Fugees” Sues LA Studio  was originally published on theurbandaily.com