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If you tuned into PIX 11′s news this morning you were probably a little thrown off when you saw the headline read “Obama: R. Kelly ‘Well-Qualified’ for HS Head.” Don’t worry, Obama is not thinking about putting R. Kelly in your local high school to get head. Here’s a look at three things that are wrong with this headline along with a reaction from R Kelly:

1) Barack Obama was not talking about R&B singer R. Kelly! In fact Obama was referring to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly who is being considered for head of homeland security. Sorry R. Kelly but we still haven’t forgot about your little incident.

2) HS meaning homeland security NOT high school. We wouldn’t want to involve R. Kelly in anything with young teens, especially females around the age of 14. He might consider the opportunity and environment to be the ‘best of both worlds’ but things aren’t going down that way!

3) R. Kelly well-qualified for high school head? Do we even have to elaborate on this one? Better luck next time.

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News Headline States R. Kelly Qualified For HS Head  was originally published on theurbandaily.com