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The recent antics of BET has the blogs buzzin. Shout out to Charlamagne of Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club for speaking truth this morning and calling out BET’s 106 & Park for hitting an all time low with their current publicity stunt. 106 and Park, which was once an outlet to set the tone for black excellence and bangin’ hip hop, has now gone COMPLETELY ratchet and the fans have noticed.

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Where are Paigion and Shorty da Prince? [VIDEO]

Lets take it to the top. Last year when Terrence and Rocsi went on to the next phase of their career, BET recruited two of the networks correspondents Paigion and Shorty da Prince along with Miss Mykie from their talent search and Bow Wow, former Mr. 106 & Park. The hiring of four host was a shift in history as 106 has always been anchored by a duo. Shortly thereafter, they remodeled the set, added new features like the digital audience and even gave some of the hosts segments. As a viewer it added new flair to the show, it was like watching a hip hop version of E! or Access Hollywood but with more star power since they had celebrity appearances and interviews. This did not last long. It seemed as though maybe they did not assign the right type of features to each host. For instance, The Miss Mykie Report, Miss Mykie was joined in a round table, minus the table, with taste makers to discuss the latest topics in hip hop. As you can see in the video below she wasn’t well versed or knowledgeable enough to hold the segment. The idea of this segment was dope and with four hosts it was needed to brand them each individually. Any of the other host would have killed this, especially Paigion since she comes from a radio/interviewing background.

BET Hires FOUR New Hosts!

Did we mention the network and show producers failed to highlight or properly launch the show. When Terrence and Rocsi left they held a huge party live on the show. When the new team started their first episode did not introduce the world to each host. A short minute package on each would have been sufficient. They did not blow it up as they could and should have. There was no launch party or red carpet event to build buzz. There was no press tour. Speaking as someone with a programming background they didn’t even run promotional commercials (FREE COMMERCIALS) on BET up until this past week. This leads me to believe the producers and marketing teams are not being held accountable to do their job to ensure everything is done daily to ensure ratings and ultimately success. Here in the radio world if you failed to produce and run your promos for even a week you are GONE! Are the execs not aware or did they stop caring? Meanwhile, BET CEO is turning up in Miami, see tweet below

Don’t they remember it took a year of working with Rocsi and Terrence to mold and reshape the show and over two years to have the audience to get over the loss of AJ and Free?

Now to the current matter, in the last two weeks BET’s 106 & Park has recruited all of Bow Wow’s current and ex flings to shake things up. Each time 106 & Park’s twitter and instagram posts imply a spark or love connection. Did they forget they already have a couple hosting the show that they could have BEEN doing this if this is what they were looking for.

Then the ultimate move, a page out of the book I am lazy and don’t feel like doing real work, they have ex-stripper who left her child at home to shake something to make something Draya host the show. #BlackTwitter had a field day with this one.

Twitter Goes In On Reality Star Draya Michele For 106 & Park’s #AskDraya

The fans said it best, “#SUPERBOGUS BET is playin man! How you gonna bring new host on a show for 6 months and expect the ratings to go up? Everyone hated Terrence and Rocsi at first let them work for a lil man! Had to be when Detroit Kats get a shot! Boo @106andpark bad choice! How you gonna re-Nig in the middle of a card game? #crazy” – @holmbeehills_sco

Another, “Truly disappointed when @106andpark entertained the parenting slander &thought about the demographics that are tuning in, KIDS! SMH” – @MrsMcDe

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