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2) “Trap House” ft. Rick Ross & Baby

On track two, Mr. Montana is joined by associates Rick Ross and Baby. Everyone doing well in life has a tendency to attract speculation about the moves they’re making. Apparently for French and his associates, the source of that gossip is coming from houses that hold an abundance of narcotics. This calls into question his mental stability because Mr. Montana has chosen to associate with an adult male who refers to himself as “Baby” but he is aware enough to bring in a former corrections officer to speak about criminal behavior. Mr. Montana warns: “The hardest part of the business. Is minding your own.” Although we were not aware of it before, it would seem that even drug dealers like to chat around the old water cooler.  Moving on…

Diagnosis – Narcissistic Personality Disorder =Being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.

3) “Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin”

Now despite what you heard in the last song, about the apparent gossip he’s experiencing, French wants everyone to know, he’s really not concerned with the possible repercussions of such talk as pertaining to possible physical harm. Mostly because he keeps a special method of protection in his car. Or as he refers to it, he’s “Ridin round with Nina….”

Diagnosis – Mania =Grand or extravagant style, or expanded self-esteem; pressured speech; talks more often and feels the urge to talk longer; ideas flit through the mind in quick succession; over indulgence in enjoyable behaviors with high risk of a negative outcome.

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