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5) “When I Want

It would now seem that although Mr. Montana has previously expressed a level of paranoia, he now makes the bold proclamation that he does indeed do whatever he desires at all times. Similar to the previous song, you will need to ignore the last message or accept one of the following possibilities: Either Mr. Montana is attempting to psychologically bolster his own confidence by convincing himself that he is in fact not as paranoid as he previously believed, or that a certain level of schizophrenia has set in, which judging by his previous actions makes this the more likely of the two.

Diagnosis – Impulse Control Disorder =failure to resist a temptation, urge or impulse that may harm oneself or others.

We would like to recommend that Mr. Montana look into psychological help and congratulate him on indeed making a “crazy album.”

If you want to hear more and draw your own conclusions “Excuse My French” is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

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