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Earlier this week Terrance J, the E! News host decided to surprise his mother, Lisa Gonzalez, days ahead of Mothers Day by traveling out to Rocky Mount, North Carolina to pay her a surprise visit. But that’s not all he did. While there, he treated her to a few gifts, including a tablet and an Xbox (for Netflix). He also treated her and his stepfather Jamie to first class tickets to Los Angeles for Mother’s Day weekend.

During their sit-down chat, Terrence said to his mom (who gave birth to him when she was just 17), “Why did you even have me?,” and she responded:

Because, you were my child. That’s a part of being a mom and a human being. I was pregnant and there wasn’t anything that was gonna stop me from having a baby.

Terrence J also talked about the inspiration behind his upcoming book, “The Wealth Of My Mother’s Wisdom.” He revealed that while playing the mama’s boy in “Think Like A Man,” he took an in-depth look at his own mother and her extraordinary journey of raising him when she was just a teenager herself. His mother, in response, thanked him for honoring her with the book.

I want to thank you so much for honoring me with the book. Growing up, I knew there was something really, really special about you…I’m so proud that you’re my son and we’re connected, forever.