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As we previously reported, Kobe Bryant and his mother Pamela Bryant have been at odds over memorabilia from Kobe’s youth and early career that Pamela has been trying to sell to an auction house. The auction house had already given her a $450,000 advance on Kobe’s box of personal treasures. The auction house decided to sue Kobe after he learned about the impending auction of his childhood items such as trophies, championship ring, high school varsity letters, etc. and became upset. Kobe subsequently asked for his items back. Why they didn’t sue his mom for the money we still don’t yet understand.

This was said to be as a result of Kobe offering to buy his parents a house in Vegas that was nice but the Bryant’s allegedly felt they should get an even bigger house than the one that Kobe offered, as his pick was not as luxurious as the house they wanted. So his mom allegedly gathered up his possessions and took them to sell off in order to get the money to buy the house his parents desired.

Rumors began circulating that Kobe had spent a few million on a house for his mother in-law and that his parents were upset that he wasn’t doing the same for them. Our guess is that if this is true, he’s had quite a bit to make up to his mother in law in regards to the way he allegedly had been treating her daughter. Think about it. But we digress. And the NBA All-star player has reportedly given his parents millions of dollars and other houses and cars over the span of his career.

Let us remember that the rates of professional players going broke after retirement are huge. Kobe is probably trying to plan for his future as well as his two little girls future at this point. He is not guaranteed to come back off his injury at 100% either. He could actually end up retiring earlier than expected.

So knowing all of this, most people had already made up their minds as to who was right and who was wrong in this situation. But TMZ is breaking the word today, that it’s even bigger than we reported before, as Kobe is now counter suing the auction house and asking a judge to shut the entire auction down, because he says that his mother stole items from inside his home and that she has refused to give things that he still wants back!

We truly hope these two can come to terms as this is just a sad case all the way around. With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, we hope they won’t be sitting apart on Sunday feeling angry. Money changes people sometimes and can prevent family from remembering what is important. Good Luck Bryant Family.


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