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This is why we ain’t free! A man from Brooklyn, New York is suing his parents for $200,000 because he says they didn’t love him enough as a child and because of their lack of affection he has become homeless.

32 year-old Bernard Anderson Bey filed a lawsuit claiming he and his younger sibling were raised in the poorest of conditions and weren’t given the right amount of love to turn into a productive citizen. Because of this, he’s suing his parents for $200,000. Considering Bey’s parents don’t have much money, Bey’s parents Bernard and Vickie Manley will have to mortgage their home to pay off the potential sum. Bernard Bey wants to take the money and buy two Dominos pizza franchises to give everyone in his family a means of income.

In the suit, Bey wrote, “Our whole family is really poor, and my father doesn’t care about the situation. I feel unloved and abandoned.” Bey also alleged his father was abusive and beat him as a child, calling him a “bastard” and “motherf**ker.” Bey also alleges his father was bold enough to do drugs right in front of him when he was younger. Bey went on to say that his father told him he wasn’t entitled to any of his assets. Bey does acknowledge that he isn’t entitled to any of his father’s assets, but thought his parents might want to see their children do well for themselves.

The Manleys responded to the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday. Vickie Manley said, “I live in the projects. You want to sue me? What’s next, you coming to shoot up my door? He’s 32 years old. That speaks for itself. Welcome to America. Everyone in America has the same opportunity. Don’t blame the parents at this point. The choice is yours. You’re an adult.”

Despite Vickie Manley being upset at the lawsuit, her husband Bernard Manley couldn’t care less. He said, “He’s not related to me. He’s not my son.” As it turns out, Bernard Manley is Bernard Bey’s stepfather and not his biological father. Bey wants his stepfather to mortgage his share in a Bedford-Stuyvesant property so that he and his younger siblings can be allowed to “break the bonds of poverty.” It should be noted that all of Bey’s siblings think he’s crazy and a pathological liar.

Bey says he has been in trouble with the law because of drugs before, but he is turning his life around by going to a trade school. While that is great that he is going to a trade school, this is probably the dumbest lawsuit in the history of law and justice. Who sues their parents to open up a damn Dominos?! Secondly, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Bey’s parents clothed and fed him for probably more than the required 18 years. So now at 32, when you can’t get your life together on your own merit, you sue your parents for not loving you enough? Get all the way out of my face with that.

The problem is Bernard Anderson Bey doesn’t want to work. Why else would he choose to sue his parents for money to open up a Dominos when he could’ve been working different odd jobs to save up money to do something of his own. I think it’s safe to say that Bey needs to man the hell up.



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