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Parents just love to show off pictures of their brand new babies when they are first born. But what if you adopted your children and don’t have any picture of your own?

Kelli Higgins, a photographer, decided to have a photo session of her 13-year-old adopted son, Latrell, when he said that he always wanted his own baby pictures, according to Vibe.

Higgins also spoke with Today.com, and said that she thought recreating those types of pictures would be a good idea. “I was very sad too because I didn’t have any photos of him either,” said Higgins. “I think it’s really hard to have children and not know what they looked like when they were younger.”

Today.com also says Higgins put this on her Facebook page, “Here’s my sweet not so little newborn!” Kelli Higgins wrote on her Facebook page. “His name is Latrell and weighs 112 lbs.”

What do you think of the pics? Do you think it’s a cute idea or something that should have been left alone?


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Pics of 13-Year-Old “Newborn” Go Viral  was originally published on theurbandaily.com