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“Basketball Wives LA” Newcomer Brooke Bailey Reveals She & Draya Are BISEXUAL, What Happened During The Fight Between Her & Jackie And MORE!

Brooke Bailey called into the TT Torrez Show to girl talk about her sexual orientation, Draya being bisexual, the fight between her and Jackie Christie, if her boobs and booty is real, how her teenage children feel about her posing scantily clad, the drama on the reunion show, and more!

Check it out:

On why VH1 didn’t show the fight between her and Jackie Christie:

Brooke said she heard the full fight was posted on for a little while but then they took it down. She said it’s a lot going on with Basketball Wives and VH1 with violence being shown on television. Brooke said she’s happy they didn’t show it because she doesn’t promote violence BUT she just blacked out when arguing with Jackie. She said she let out all her frustrations out on Jackie.

On why Jackie is so obsessed with all her cast-mates being her friend:

Brooke said she told Jackie, “F—ck it, be your own friend.” Brooke said she established from the beginning of the season that although she has made friends with some of the ladies, she stands alone and she has her own back and she’s her own friend.

On if she thinks Draya is throwing shade her way:

Brooke said as the season goes on a lot more will unfold. She said she wouldn’t call Draya a hater BUT “it’s hard feeling like you a bad b*tch and another bad b*tch come in and she’s in first place and ya know it’s kinda hard to swallow that pill so I get it, ya know.”

On Draya’s sexual orientation and if Draya has ever hit on her:

Brooke said Draya is bisexual. When asked if Draya tried to hit on her, she said she has a rule that she doesn’t have sex with her friends, so that would mean she’s bisexual as well. She said she had a “friend” she experimented with over a period of time.

On dating NBA baller Vernon Macklin:

Brooke said she like Vernon and she thinks he’s a nice guy. Then she started talking about dating and said she would date 5 other guys if she wanted to because dating is just getting to know someone. THEN she said “AT THE TIME we WERE dating an you will have to stay tuned to see if that dating got more serious or if it ended. I can’t tell you that” ←You heard what we heard.

On her teenage children handling their mom being a sex kitten:

Brooke said she would sit her children down and talk to them about it any offers she get to do photo shoots, reality TV, etc. She said her children sort of grew up with her because she was a young mother. Her kids are not ashamed of her and they are involved with everything she does. She said she chooses to take sexy pictures because after having 3 children, her body looks amazing and she can book gigs before the 19-year-old models/vixens.

On if her boobs and booty are real:

Yes, her booty is real! She said after having 2 kids by the time she was 21, she went and got her breast a augmented and kept her natural size, nothing extra. No liposuction, no tummy tucks, no butt injections. She said after hitting 30+ her body is chaning, so she’s working out to keep her amazing bod.

On the reunion show, did Bambi call Gloria out on her h*e”ish” ways?:

Brooke said “I can’t confirm that, but what I can say is the pot should never call the kettle black.” HA!

On Laura speaking to Jackie’s children:

Brooke said being a mother; she kind of stayed out of that situation. Did she feel like it was right for Laura to speak to Jackie’s child? No she does not. Did Laura reach out to Jackie’s child? No she did not. Jackie’s child reached out to Laura as someone that she felt she could trust and confide in. Did it work in the best interest of the 3 of them? Brooke said she can only speak on Laura. She said regardless of why Laura did it in the beginning, she feels like it ended up being something good for her because it changed who she was and helped her with issues she had within herself.

On if there will be a 3rd season of BBWLA and if they do, will she come back:

Brooke said they won’t know until it’s time to go into production again so it will be a few months before they find out. She said she would hope to come back because she gave a lot to the 2nd season.

On if there’s friendly competition with the Miami “Wives”:

Brooke said being the new girl, she does feel she’s in friendly competition for ratings. She said if she’s casted for the next season she’s definitely going to bring a whole lot more to the table because the competition will be ON!


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