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Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes are indeed now husband and wife, the twosome had a secret wedding in Vegas over the weekend. But before they jetted off to Vegas, the duo shot a cover and spread for the new issue of Rolling Out magazine. According to Gloria’s interview answers, the two had no real wedding plans at the time of the shoot…so she says….

Gloria Govan

On Her 8-Month Break From Matt: “I grew so much over those eight months. Now I have to be like, ‘Uh uh, I know I used to like that because you liked it but I said all that to be cute for you! I don’t like eggs mother—!’” “So now he’s really getting to now me. That’s fun.” 

On Marrying Matt: “It’s not that we’re not interested; it’s just not now,” says a pre-wedding Govan. “I don’t think it’ll be what people are expecting. I’ll probably be like ‘hey, I got married girl,’ wanna come to the party? I’ll probably send out a flyer for the party.”

On A Non Traditional Wedding: “Matt’s a traditionalist so he’ll want a big wedding. Which I would do [for him], but it won’t be like a Kim Kardashian wedding. It’ll be like, ‘you want some barbecue?’ I’ll take cereal. Marriage is something I want to do it’s just not on my number one priority list.”

On The Possibility Of Another Baby: “Maybe, don’t tell him I said this…maybe another baby. If it was up to him… (rolls eyes)…I get baby fever and then I see a baby and I’m like ‘awww’ and then they start crying and I’m like, ‘Yeah! I don’t have anymore!’”

On Previously Saying She’d Like To Slap Evelyn Lozada: “Absolutely [I stick by that.] My feelings are what they are to Evelyn, I don’t like to kick anyone while they’re down but…I think they’re a cute couple I honestly do [Chad and Evelyn] and I know Chad really loves her. Mainly I hope they keep people out of their relationship. That’s what I’ve had to do.”

On co-star Jackie Christie: “Jackie Christie has a mouth piece on her, she’ll make a paraplegic feel bad for her. The way way she kind of suckers you in with her words; she’ll give you so many compliments to the point that you’re like ‘damn, okay!’ [extends arms] Give me a hug girl! She’s someone you have to accept, she’s like a beauty mark or a birthmark. It’s like ‘damn that sh— terrible, but it’s there. You work around it.”