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Nicki Minaj’s hype-man Safaree “SB” is more known for being the Head Barbz “right-hand” partner and alleged lover than for being a rapper. Being a huge Nicki fan, I was instantly inclined to click the “play” button when I saw that he released a single and better-yet, a video. Not one minute later I was picking my jaw up from the floor after watching SB pretend to hang himself with a diamond “Shamballa” necklace he called a noose.

This isn’t SB’s first set of statements that tickled me in places I couldn’t scratch. I was offended when he yelled a bunch of “nappy-headed” slurs in the background of Nicki Minaj’s “Did It On Em’.”

Oddly enough, the song isn’t half bad. I just wish it wasn’t half-baked with ignorant rap lines like “Shamballa balls around my neck, that’s my noose.”

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