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A 6-year-old little girl named Saniya had just went to the movies with her parents to see “The Smurfs.” As they walk outside the movie theater in Lovonia, Michigan, a faded red pickup truck with two or three white men inside drove by.

“I was looking at them and then they (threw) it in my face,” Saniya said.

“She (yelled), ‘Mommy,’ and I look at her and her face is like covered with drink or some kind of liquid, soft drink or something like that,” said Nesia, Saniya’s mother.

Her mother, Nesia, believes the substance was soda.

“While they were driving off they yelled out, ‘You monkeys, you baboons,’” Nesia told FOX 2′s Amy Lange. ”Started making like monkey noises and sounds and just kind of drove off.”

“I could not believe that something had happened like that,” said Larry, Saniya’s father.

Both of her parents were so shocked by the situation that neither of them got a license plate or a good description of the guys. They were able to describe the vehicle which was a faded red F-150 pickup truck with a black cover on the bed.


via Media MRS.

Photo: My Fox Detroit