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@iPower921: Tell us a little about yourself!

@JTrill: My real name is Joshua Jordan,I’m 22 years old.  I was born in a Tifton,Ga  which is a small town 3 hours south of Atlanta.  Back in high school I wrote and recorded a song called “Devil Walk” for my school’s football team.  The song received so much local support that it helped establish my name regionally as a powerful new urban music artist & songwriter. Building on the momentum from “Devil Walk”, I was asked to be a part of the remix to the Heizman Boyz song “Do the Heisman” which also featured hip-hop artist Fabo.  I then went on to write “So Bright” which was featured on MTV’s “Taking the Stage”.  And since then, I have been building my fan-base and working towards the “So Bright” video and my first studio album.

@iPower921: When was the first time you remember rapping?

@JTrill: I was riding around in the car with my cousins headed to a party and they ask me to freestyle out of the blue – so I gave it a shot.  That was a special moment in my career because I came up with the name J.Trill – while I was doing my first-ever freestyle.

@iPower921:What artist influence you?

@JTrill: Watching  T.I. grow from being a unknown rap artists into being international music icons It was T.I.’s rise to fame perhaps that was most instrumental in making me want to pursue my music career.

@iPower921:What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written? Why?

@JTrill: So Bright is my favorite song.  Why?  “So Bright”  is a song I wrote from the heart (in 10 min) – and for to be featured on MTV Popular Show “Taking the Stage” really meant alot to me.  More importantly though, “So Bright” touches my fans and other people that hear it.  I think so “So Bright” is the song that is setting me apart from other artists – and winning me fans more than any other.

@iPower921: What was your first live show/performance like?

@JTrill: My first live performance was huge! It was like 1600 fans there.  It was in my home town shopping mall parking lot and I will never forget that!  My first time ever on stage and seeing 1600 fans there – singing the words to my song gave me the adrenaline rush of my life.

@iPower921: Any releases out?

@JTrill: My first single “So Bright” is out now on iTunes and also other online stores.  It was produced by Virginia producer H.U.M.P. who recently produced a song for hip-hop legend Kool G Rap on his latest album “Riches, Royalty & Respect”.  H.U.M.P. and I are working night & day right now to create new hits for my upcoming album which is tentatively set for release on October 4.  There is a follow up single to “So Bright” called “Blue Skies” that will be released before the album drops (probably later this month or early next).

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