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@iPower921: Tell us a little about yourself!

@WrighteousLife: I’m Khalil Lemons but I go by the alias of Wilson Wright I’ve enjoyed music all my life, I was born off Tupac, DMX, NWA, & Biggie & a couple more artist. I’ve been basically rapping all my life but didn’t take it serious until 2008 & sense then I have been putting all my effort towards music & next year I will be a senior so I plan to head to an art school so that I can take more time with my talent. I’m not fan of much new music but I love the classics. I would say my genre is Hip Hop.(Soul, Smooth, & some new school)

@iPower921: When was the first time you remember rapping?

@WrighteousLife: I remember me, my friends & my brother use to rap on my old computer in Hampton all the time we weren’t really that good but we were enjoying ourselves

@iPower921:What artist influence you?

@WrighteousLife: Chip Tha Ripper,Tupac,Redman,Methodman, Kid Cudi, Talib Kweli, Styles P, & Ransom

@iPower921:What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written? Why?

@WrighteousLife: Eastside it’s a song on Stoned Age Rap I wrote, it was my favorite because when I wrote it I wanted to get a old vibe to it I & I got it just how I wanted it. It felt like the most like me too.

@iPower921: What was your first live show/performance like?

@WrighteousLife: My first performance was okay, but I really wasn’t feeling it at first. It was for a friend of mine at his birthday party. I think I did a pretty good job though, got some good feedback.

@iPower921: Any mixtapes out?

@WrighteousLife: I released a mixtape not to long ago, about a month ago.  (Which is above this) & a few recent freestyles which can be heard on my tumblr playlist. The hotnewhiphop is old but it’s good music though probaly wanted in the industry

Take a listen :

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words by: @JGurl804