I believe they were outed some time last year after dining at a Waffle House in Tennessee. According to a cover story in The Boston Globe, Hoopz is now filming a reality show based on her suburban life and her desire to become a women’s health and self-defense guru. Shaq, who she currently lives with, will be a part of the show.

But wait it doesn’t stop there, The Globe gave an entire overview of Hoopz relationship with Shaq.  Hoopz, 28 met the 38 year old Diesel (who is almost 2 feet taller than her) numerous times while on the scene. It wasn’t until she was visiting a photographer friend in St. Louis that she saw an autographed poster of Shaq on his wall.  She mentioned to her friend that she had met him a few times and that friend texted Shaq and told him Hoopz said “Hi”.  Shaq immediately texted back and asked him if she had a boyfriend and the friendship began from there.

Their first date was in Las Vegas (the two were in town for two separate events) and they immediately hit it off. “I knew he was a goofball. We’re the same. We’re both goofballs.’’ He then visited her home turf of Tennessee (where she had moved with her last boyfriend before they split) and the two went fishing, visited the Waffle House and she made him listen to her favorite musicians like Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift.

It was a culture shock for Shaq but it ended well and solidified his relationship with Hoopz who made turkey for his mom and three kids on Thanksgiving and ran around Boston with Shaq dressed as a pimp on Halloween.  Shaq describes Hoopz as his “first male best friend besides my mother”.

The two now live a normal life in the suburbs of Boston (well almost normal, they have a live in chef and maid services…you know, the good life) but still have a somewhat modest lifestyle.  They are made for each other, both big kids, who love to play games and watch lots of TV.  And of course, Hoopz can be spotted cheering on the sidelines at every Boston home game.

Sounds like the perfect couple…and even more perfect storyline for an upcoming season of Basketball Wives

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