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I like Chris Brown. I have never been a huge fan of his music but I always saw the talent he possessed. Since the events that took place with singer Rihanna, his career has not had the snap, crackle and pop that it once possessed. To this day, it seems that Brown is still in the recovery stages with his career. So, when I heard about him having a video that fans would have to pay to see, you can understand my confusion. I wondered was that a smart move on his behalf, considering the recovery state his career is in.

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First of all, I do not know of any other major recording artists who have had a video which required fans to pay in order to view it. Secondly, I think Chris may be overestimating his appeal with fans and the public at large. Although, many have forgiven him and welcomed him back with open arms, there are still those who are not on team Chris Brown.

Which is why in my opinion a video that fans would have to pay to see is ridiculous. Especially when there are no other major artists who have already set this precedent.  The pay per view would work as follows: Fans would go to mechanical dummy.com and pay $2.99 to watch the Pay Per View Event titled 12 Strands: Matrix.

Pre-Sale access will be available starting on Sept 24th. A percentage of proceeds from this project will benefit Brown’s foundation Symphonic Love. The Symphonic Love Foundation aims to provide support and funding for a wide variety of music and arts programs dedicated to the artistic development of children and youth while striving to promote an awareness of philanthropy by encouraging volunteerism and every day respect and kindness to others.

Although I appreciate Browns intentions on helping charity, I do not think that the manner and venue he is choosing to facilitate that help will be appreciated by fans who simply do not want to pay to see a music video of any kind.  Thoughts? Are fans ready to pay to watch a music video from Chris Brown? Was this a smart decision on Chris’s part?

New 12 Strands: Matrix from Gloob Marketing on Vimeo.

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