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Whoopi Goldberg has a few words for the millions annoyed with Pepsi’s tone deaf commercial featuring Kendall Jenner and we can’t say we’re surprised. On a recent episode of ABC’s The View, the topic turned to the Pepsi ad that has all of America talking and co-host WhoopI wasted no time giving her opinion on […]

The host of 'The View' offered to sit next to the first daughter after she was reportedly alienated during fashion week shows.

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Social media was in a frenzy on Wednesday after news spread that President-elect Donald Trump was selected as TIME’s “Person of the Year."

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Tennis star Serena Williams has been eliminated from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Oprah Winfrey was just as disappointed as everyone else who noticed she was mistaken for Whoopi Goldberg at the 88th Academy Awards. Blog Total Beauty made the cringe-worthy flub during red carpet arrivals Sunday evening. The site, which rarely focuses on products for people of color, posted a photo of Goldberg to their Twitter account with […]

After a few jokes about leaving the country, realizing the reality of Donald Trump's presidential bid, the Whoopi Goldberg took things to the next level by removing hyphens from her ethnic identity, implying that her family is rooted in America, not anywhere else.

Whoopi Goldberg was surprised to hear that NeNe Leakes didn’t have a good time on “The View,” but she still wasn’t here for the drama. During her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” one viewer asked Whoopi whether she thought the hosts of “The View” were ganging up on her. The comedian was completely […]

Whoopi Goldberg‘s standup show this weekend was brought to a screeching halt when her tour bus burst into flames. While “The View” host was cracking jokes onstage at a casino in New Brunswick, Canada, her tour bus caught fire, TMZ.com reports. Her show was immediately stopped and the audience was evacuated from the auditorium. There’s […]

Bill Cosby‘s released court admission from last week finally had many at least second-guessing on if they should still be defending him. Many is not…

Whoopi Goldberg stands by Bill Cosby in light of the rape allegations until he is proven guilty, as she said during a segment on "The View."