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The last time we saw the lovely ladies of the Braxton family on our TV screens was in August 2016, although it has seemed like forever. So much has happened in their lives since then, especially for baby sis Tamar and oldest sister Toni. However, nothing can prepare you for the downright explosive full-length trailer […]

90s R&B girl group SWV is seriously pursuing a comeback. After they released their reunion album last year, SWV has gotten their own reality show.…

In a recent radio interview, hit reality TV stars, real-life husband and wife duo Vincent D. Herbert and Tamar Braxton chat it up about their 2013 season of We TV’s “Tamar & Vince.” While in the studio discussing what’s coming next on “Tamar & Vince,” they even talked celebrity crushes and of course, what’s to come […]

The wait is finally over! Tamar, the youngest member of the Braxton family, is ready to take on the world with her brand new single “Love & War” – a passionate R&B ballad that shows she’s got more than enough star power to be successful on her own. Check out the new single below and […]

It’s nearing time to say goodbye briefly to everyone’s favorite family reality series, We TV’s “Braxton Family Values” as the season II finale premiered this week. As usual, this BFV season finale is packed with drama, earth-shattering news, and of course some good ole sisterly arguments so be sure to check out what you might […]

Gospel duo Mary Mary (sisters Erica & Tina Campbell) are always on the move. Juggling their growing families with superstardom doesn’t seem to be the easiest task in the world, but they do it with such energy and focus that it’s no surprise they’ve decided to soon share their experiences with the entire world. Check […]

Looks like the world ought to gear up for the musical wonder that Tamar Braxton truly is. The baby sister of the famous Braxton family is finally ready to give us the goods as she recently announced the plans for her first single. Currently still in progress, the album is slated to be one of […]

Be sure to mark your calendars and join us as we hang out, pop some popcorn & chow down on some grub while watching our favorite girls on TV. That’s right, here comes another dramatic episode on the hit reality TV series everyone is addicted to this season. It’s the Braxton Family Values and it […]