In an effort to keep up with the demand and to ensure that facilities are sanitized properly, many retailers are changing their hours to allow for more time to clean and restock.

DaBaby has now been convicted for carrying a concealed gun and sentenced to 1 year probation. 

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There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays and sharing the best meals of the year with your family and closest friends.

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Let’s keep it real, going home for the holidays can be both comical and dreadful at the same time.

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Let this blooper reel from “Cedric Takes on the Holidays,” serve as an official reminder of what the holidays are like with Black families.

Governor Terry McAuliffe has announced the dates for Virginia’s tax-free holiday, August 5-7, 2016. The 5.3 percent sales tax will not be imposed on school supplies that are 20 dollars or less and clothing and footwear 100 dollars or less. Parents, students and educators the sales tax is exempt on school supplies as binder pockets, book […]

As Tracy Morgan returns to a more normal life since making a major recovery, the trial surrounding the accident continues. Click on the audio player to…

“Thank you for calling Wal-Mart, we’re out of the Patti LaBelle pie, how can I help you?” was the message a writer at the Washington Post received this weekend after calling the store, where the pies are sold for $3.48.

  Sean Groubert, a white former South Carolina State Trooper who made headlines after shooting unarmed Black man Levar Jones in 2014, was arrested for…

Wal-Mart had a lot of explaining (and apologizing) to do when customers stumbled across a section on its Website titled “Fat Girl Costumes.” For some…

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Mega retailing giant Walmart is allegedly blaming comedian and actor Tracy Morgan’s (pictured) for serious injuries he sustained after the limo van he was traveling…